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Q: What is the product shelf life?

A: Shelf life:

  • Tile & Grout Caulk- 2 years
  • Ultra Performance Caulking- 1 year
  • Grout Colorant- 1 year
  • Silicone- 1 year
  • Loose Tile Repair- 1 year
  • Citrus Cleaner- 1 year
  • Easy Clean Epoxy Grout- 1 year
  • Ultra Performance Urethane Grout- 1 year
  • System 1 Adhesive & Grout- 1 year
  • Laminate Caulking- 2 years
  • Laminate Seam Adhesive & Filler- 2 years
  • Painters Caulking-2 years
  • FormFill Caulking- 2 years for 10.3oz cartridge, 1 year for the 5.5oz squeeze tube
  • FormFill Laminate Repair-1 year


Grout Colorant

Q: What grouts can this be used over

A: Colorfast Grout Colorant can be used over regular cement grouts as well as epoxy grouts.


Q:What is the coverage

A: Depends on the tile and joint size. Refer to coverage chart


Q: How many coats from dark to light colors

A: A second coat may be necessary when going from dark to light




Q: Where can I use the caulking

A: Tile and Grout Caulk can be used interior and light exterior, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Ultra Performance Caulking is a much better performing product, suitable for interior and exterior, big gaps, wet areas, and expansion joints.


Q: Where can I buy your caulking

A: Refer to Find a Dealer page


Q: What does your caulking match and can I get a special colors

A: We match most Grout, Laminate and Paint manufacturers.  If you have a special or specific request reach out to us under the Contact page.


Q: Should we put a sealer over the caulking

A: A sealer isn’t required for caulking.


Q: Can we use the Ultra-Performance caulking in my swimming pool

A: Around the coping yes, it is not rated for continuous water immersion




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